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Mr. Chhin Sophal



ROYAL TRUST TRADING CO., LTD was established in September 2006. Our company is dedicated to agricultural products, ensuring high standards of quality and quantity. We are committed to developing agriculture products from raw materials to finished foods for global markets, adding significant value for our Cambodian farmers and workers. We collaborate closely with agricultural cooperatives and smallholder farmers to enhance their livelihoods sustainably. Our focus is on producing LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) products using natural or organic raw materials.

We understand the challenges faced by farmers, including fluctuating market prices for their products. By partnering with agricultural cooperatives and smallholder farmers, we aim to improve their livelihoods and secure a consistent supply of natural or organic raw materials for our LOHAS products. Our local and international food engineers collaborate with small and medium-sized food enterprises to research and develop innovative products for our customers.

Moreover, we are committed to sustainability by converting waste materials into useful resources. We process discarded mango skins into mango meal for livestock feed, reducing environmental pollution.

Similarly, we transform unused cashew apple fruits into raw materials for cattle and pig feed. Within the next five years, we aspire to launch our final LOHAS food products worldwide.


We revolutionize Cambodia’s agriculture sustainably, empowering communities globally. Guided by integrity, we uplift farmers and promote environmental stewardship.
By collaborating with farmers and food processors, we develop trusted LOHAS products using natural materials. Our innovations include repurposing mango skin waste for animal feed and utilizing cashew apple fruit for livestock.
Our LOHAS approach empowers farmers and delivers sustainable, premium products worldwide.


To establish a thriving agricultural enterprise that not only contributes to Cambodia’s economic growth but also addresses the socio-economic challenges faced by rural communities. Guided by principles of integrity, sustainability, and inclusivity, our company aims to create a positive impacts at every level of the agricultural supply chain.


  1. Integrity: Upholding honesty and ethical conduct in all endeavors
  2. Sustainability: Commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.
  3. Empowerment: Supporting and uplifting rural communities and farmers.
  4. Quality: Delivering premium-quality agricultural products to meet global standards.
  5. Social Responsibility: Fostering social responsibility and contributing to inclusive growth.
  6. Positive Impact: Striving to create positive impacts on society, economy, and environment.
  7. Zero Waste Innovation: We try innovating from the waste to the useful raw material.
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